Presentation to local tourism guides stimulates future initiatives

The presentation to local guides, carried out by S.D.M. on the 24th of September, regarding the activities and recent developments of Madeira’s International Business Centre, was a very dynamic and useful meeting for both S.D.M. and SNATTI.

In fact, they agreed to carry out other similar events, in the near future, in order to maintain an updated base of information concerning the developments of the International Business Centre.

Following the invitation from the Board of the National Tourist Activity in Madeira (SNATTI), S.D.M. accepted to participate in this initiative considering that it would be a good opportunity to increase the knowledge of local guides on Madeira’s IBC and the fact that they are in contact with tourists, which may be potential investors in Madeira’s IBC.

Some of the participants in the lecture referred that tourists often mention the IBC of Madeira, showing interest for its activities.

Photo gallery of the event

Video of the event

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